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We charge all chauffeur services by trips, So you don\'t have to worry about how far your destinations are! Single Trips (Non-Peak) Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm SGD40 per single trip After 5pm: SGD50 per single trip ​ Single Trips (Peak Period) Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 9am - 5pm SGD50 per single trip After 5pm: SGD60 per single trip Emergencies SGD60 and above per single trip Limo Service Our Limo service enables you to book up to 7 locations and carries 7 passengers and pets!* For Limo Service prices, please contact us directly for a quote. *Prices quoted exclude any ERP charges, Sentosa admission fees or any other surcharges. *Bookings are required for the price Bookings are required for the prices quoted, except for emergency cases.
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