I will do professional (FULL) grooming for your LARGE BREED DOG(S)!

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Looking for a professional pet groomer to pamper your pooches? Fret not, here I am to your rescue! I am able to handle all sorts of dogs from timid to fearful to aggressive ones as I am trained to do so since I started my grooming journey. The key point is being firm and patient. (For furkids who has aggressive issues (like history of biting their past groomers before and need to be muzzled), please do understand that there will be extra certain aggressive charges as it will be more time consuming to groom them due to the uncooperative behavior and the risk of getting bitten when the muzzle is out during any part of the grooming for example, showering. The service of purchasing aggressive and de-tick charges will varies and confirmed during or after grooming depending on the process.) *As I do not have a professional big blower to bring around due to big and heavy bulky item, please take note that this service is only for short coated furkids to shave down super short coat like Singapore Specials (aka Mongrels), shaved down super short coat dogs like Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Bernese Mountain Dog, Saint Bernard, Old English Sheepdog and other breeds please PM me. My full grooming session consists of shaving under pawpads, clipping and filing nails, shaving of inner ears fur area, ears cleaning, shaving of genital areas, trimming or/and shaving of furs, express anal glands (trust me, they do not like the idea of having someone who is not sure to poke around their butt!), shower and blow dry. The purpose of having full grooming best in 4 to 6 weeks is to maintain your furkid’s short or long coat, maintenance of their nails (it will be hard for them to walk and run if they are overgrown!) and the hygiene of their ears condition (especially those with nasty ear mites). *Pawrents will have to provide small table and chair without armrest (just nice size for your furkid just to stand in place), correct size muzzles for aggressive canines, shampoo (diff canines have diff type of skin conditions so it is most advisable to have your own dedicated shampoo type), towel and hairdryer with the speed of 2000W and above.
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