Discounted dried mealworms for hamsters and other pets

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Dried meal worms constitute an ideal nutritional supplement for various insectivorous animals ranging from large predatory fish such as arowanas or oscars to small omnivorous mammals like hamsters. This is due to the fact that they are packed with an abundance of protein and fat. Additionally, experiments have indicated that large cichlids such as oscars tend to enjoy a faster growth rate when fed meal worms on regular basis due to the previously mentioned high fat and protein content. Our dried meal worms are suitable for those who wish to enrich the diet of their pets without having to trouble themselves with the inconvenience of rearing live meal worms. They also remain edible for up to three years without the need for refrigeration. Each packet contains 200 grams of worms. Customers who purchase at least three packets, are entitled to a discounted price of ten dollars apiece as opposed to the usual price of 12 dollars each.
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