5 Misunderstandings About Raising Pet Rabbits
(& Why We Shouldn’t Underestimate Them!)

Written by Jennifer Yeo, Meat Bowls

Planning to buy a pet rabbit (or a pair)? This is definitely an exciting mini project to welcome a new family member to your home. Rabbits are social animals with colourful personalities and bursting energies to keep you and your family entertained. However, before kick-starting your project, there are a few misunderstandings that we need to clear up with you about raising pet rabbits.

Mistake #1: Rabbits are like guinea pigs and hamsters
Not quite the same friends! Rabbits have personalities and intelligence more closely alike to dogs and cats. They can live up to as long as 10 years. You can also train them to do tricks, walk on a leash and toilet training!


Mistake #2: Rabbits live in a cage
Rabbits need plenty of space, entertainment and a good living environment. They have legs for running and jumping and so it isn’t right to confine them in a cage. If you do need to restrict certain areas of your home, you can set up a playpen and do give them occasional opportunities throughout the day to hop around the house.

Mistake #3: Rabbits don’t need grooming
Rabbits are prone to illness and therefore regular grooming such as trimming their nails, brushing their fur and annual health check-ups is your responsibility as a pet owner.

Mistake #4: Rabbits are perfect first time pets for children
Children are the first to have misconceptions about rabbits as pets and we thank TV commercial on doing their best advertising during Easter. Rabbits are NOT low maintenance, quiet, fluffy little animals that loves to be cuddled all the time. In fact, most rabbits prefer not to be cuddled and may not tolerate nor appreciate the rough careless hands of little children.

Mistake #5: Rabbits are cheap to raise
Rabbits need fresh vegetables and fruits (organic preferably so that they won’t be consuming toxins from pesticides and herbicides). Also, they need a comfortable bedding to sleep on, toys to stimulate their intelligent minds and regular health check-ups, in particular since they are prone to sudden illnesses.

Now that we have cleared some misunderstandings, are you ready to appreciate a rabbit? If you are planning a pet rabbit for your child/ren, it is best to understand whether this will be a realistic wish to grant. You will need to supervise and consistently remind your children how to respect the rabbit. Unfortunately, rabbits tend to be put up for adoption fairly quickly due to lack of understanding and appreciating the true nature of rabbits.

Visit your nearest rabbit adoption centre and speak to one of the representatives to understand more about welcoming home a new rabbit at the House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS) and SPCA Singapore.

April 5, 2017