5 Date Ideas for you and your Furkid! (Psssst, #3 is our fav!)

The weekend’s just around the corner and a date with our furry pals sounds just about right! If you’re looking for something a little more than taking walks along the beaches or runs around the parks, check out these fur-mazing date ideas that are so much fun – pawrents get to join in too!

1. Embark on an adventure to Coney Island!

If having a stroll down the boardwalk of Punggol Waterfront doesn’t quite make the cut for an exciting afternoon, why not gear up with a sturdy pair of doggy boots, and explore Coney Island!

Image credit: Shape Singapore: 5 Reasons to Visit Coney Island

Things to note: Wagons are available for rental if your furry friend isn’t quite up for trekking. 

2. Relive your childhood at a playground… a doggy playground!

Who said anything about playgrounds being only for little kids? Hop over to the humble K9 Park at the Skypark of Nex Mall for a fun afternoon jumping through hoops and over high-jump bars! This humble space is free for the public and Doggy and pawrent may even make some new friends there! 😉

Image credit: The Nex Best Thing?

3. Get a sexy tan at an Outdoor Doggy Pool!

For those who are hearing this for the first time – yes! There are pools just for your paw-friends! Lounge by the pool under the canopy or hop into the waters with your furkid for a splashing good time!

Image Credit: Sunny Heights Facebook Page

Things to note: Self-service Dog Wash machines are available at $10 for Sunny Heights.

4. A Picnic with fur-friends!

If you and your furry buddy aren’t feeling quite as adventurous, how about a lazy afternoon at Marina Barrage with friends? A doggy picnic with close friends – pawrents and furkids, can be just as much fun! While you’re at it, why not have a fun shoot too – It’s not everyday that you get to run the fields with your furkid while flying a kite! What a scene.

Pssst, don’t want to miss out on the fun while snapping these shots? No worries, there are some pretty good pet photographers you may want to check out on our listings. 😉

Image Credit: PUB Singapore

5. Bon Appétit!

As cliché as it may sound, what’s a date without some quality time spent over a nice meal, right? Treat your furkid and yourself to a meal at one of the many dog cafes – mind you, some of these cafes have a pretty neat menu for your furry friends too! And oh, cafes like 3 Barks Café even has a friendly play area (with slides and tunnels, oh my!) for your furkids to socialize after their meal.

Image Credit: Katong Kids Inc

So which of these date ideas are you going to try out this weekend? Let us know how you and your furkid liked it! 😉

April 17, 2017