4 Steps to Get Your Cats On A Feeding Schedule

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Cats are habituated animals and so it is no surprise that they are known to be very independent yet fussy pets that gives affection to us in their own time – what a combination! As such, many pet owners have learnt to accept their cats’ behaviours and daily routines rather than taking active steps to train them to accept a healthier lifestyle, in particular when it comes to feeding.

If you are one of many pet owners who are guilty of free-feeding your cats at home, you might as well nurture a free-loader. Additionally, you are advocating lower standards on their dining manners and most importantly, supporting poor health development (because most probably, you are leaving cat food in biscuit form for them to nibble anytime during the day).

The other problem on leaving food around is that it attracts other pests such as ants, which then results in wastage as your cat may refuse to share food with other insects. A better way to manage and prevent this is to take an active role in feeding your cats at a fixed schedule as well as feeding real tasty food.

Here’s how you can take control of the situation:

1. Feed real meat meals instead of packaged biscuits and canned processed food. Not only are they tastier, they are better for their growth and development. There are a number of local companies in Singapore that specializes in cooked and raw form meals for pets such as Meat Bowls.

2. Determine a fixed schedule in the morning and evening when food is available (e.g. 7 AM & 7 PM), 7 days in a week. Cats do not differentiate weekends and weekdays, “yes, captain obvious!” Keep leftovers (if they did not finish their meal within 30 mins) and feed it again at the next feeding schedule.

3. Feed a variety of flavours every other day to keep feeding time exciting. Who wants to eat the same food every day?

4. This is more for you – Take control of your emotions, that is, don’t give in to your cat! They know how to take advantage of our emotions by meowing at you, so learn how to overcome your soft heart for the sake of their long-term health and happiness. Cats are actually resourceful and they can survive with an empty stomach.

Remember, taking control is when feeding time is on your clock – not theirs! This will require your utter strength to be persistent and consistent every day. If you must, set TWO daily alarms on your phone to remind yourself to feed your cats. Trust us, this will be worth it!

About Meat Bowls
Meat Bowls prepares organic meals for your cats that are made with no added hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides. Meat Bowls are also available under Cuzzey’s Homemade Creation.

April 17, 2017